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Self-Care Isn't Selfish!

How to Create a Routine to Enhance Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and at BestLife, we are committed to helping you focus on your well-being not just this month, but year-round. To support your mental health journey, we want to share some practical tips on how you can create a personalized self-care routine that can help you manage daily stress, boost your mood, and maintain your mental health.

What Is Self-Care?

The act of self-care refers to deliberate actions and practices that you take to improve your health, manage your daily routine, and feel happy and fulfilled. It’s an essential part of living a balanced life, helping you to function at your best and remain resilient against stress.

It SHOULD be more than just an occasional treat. Practicing self-care involves carrying through small activities that align with what makes you happy and replenish your mental reserves.

Types of Self-Care

Whether it’s an early morning run, 30 minutes to read a good book, a night out with your friends, or 10 minutes of meditation, there are a variety of ways to practice self-care. The act can be categorized into several types, each addressing different aspects of your well-being.

  • Physical: Activities that improve your physical health - exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

  • Emotional: Practices that help you connect, process, and reflect on your emotions - therapy, journaling, or creative activities.

  • Social: Building and maintaining healthy relationships that support you through various phases of your life.

  • Mental: Engaging in activities that stimulate your mind, such as reading, puzzles, or learning a new skill.

  • Spiritual: Involves activities that nurture your spirit and allow you to think bigger than yourself - meditation, prayer, or community service.

Why Self-Care is Beneficial

Self-care is not selfish! It’s an essential practice for maintaining both mental and physical health. It helps you to boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and feel happier and more fulfilled. Self-care ensures that you have the energy to meet the demands of your daily routine, and also gives you effective tools to cope with stress and struggles more effectively.

Steps to Create a Personalized Self-Care Routine

  1. Reflect. Begin by thinking about the aspects of your life that you feel are lacking. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you often feel emotionally drained? Are little instances turning into major stressors? It’s essential to first understand your needs, which will help you to further develop a plan that caters to them.

  2. Set Intentions. Identify what you want to achieve with your self-care routine. Is it to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, manage your schedule, or simply have more energy? Setting clear intentions will help you focus on maintaining your practices for the best outcome.

  3. Enjoy it. Self-care should NOT be a chore. When you are doing it begrudgingly it’s less likely you will establish a routine around it. Select activities that you genuinely enjoy: reading, exercising, yoga, cooking, or even meditating. Enjoyment is a key aspect to making this routine sustainable.

  4. Try a little of everything. Don’t stay hyper-focused on one aspect of a self-care routine - such as exercise. A well-rounded self-care routine will cater to a number of your needs - physical, emotional, and mental. So try a little bit of a few things to address a full gamut of needs - exercise for physical health, meditation for mental health, and talking to a friend for emotional health.

  5. Repeat. Consistency is key. Schedule your self-care activities straight into your daily calendar. Use AI or software to even ensure that they are repeated daily and remind you if you have a habit of procrastinating. By holding yourself accountable and maintaining a consistent schedule, self-care will be second nature in a short time.

  6. Be flexible. Life is crazy and unpredictable. Embrace it. If you miss a day or need to adjust your routine, give yourself grace. The aim is to make self-care a regular part of your life so you feel happier and more fulfilled, not to stress you out. 

  7. Evaluate and adjust. Be sure to regularly assess your self-care routine. Is it addressing your mental health needs? Are there areas that you are lacking? As your life changes, your self-care requirements will also change. So be sure to check in with yourself.

Making Self-Care Manageable

Self-care is a practice that you can incorporate into your daily life on your own. It’s about making small, consistent choices that enhance your well-being, and contribute to long-term health, happiness, and fulfillment. By setting aside time for activities that nurture your mind and body, you can build a self-care routine that is sustainable, and even enjoyable.

Support For Your Self-Care

However, if you’re looking to deepen your self-care practice or need support in navigating life’s challenges, BestLife is here to help. We understand the importance of a custom approach to mental health. Our experienced therapists and counselors can guide you in creating a sustainable self-care routine that aligns with your lifestyle, and your schedule and ultimately improves your mental health. We provide support in identifying stress, teaching relaxation and coping techniques, and helping you to make self-care a priority in your life.

At BestLife, we believe that self-care is the foundation of mental health, and we’re committed to helping you develop the tools and strategies needed to take charge of your well-being. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your self-care routine, we provide the guidance and resources needed to make lasting changes.

BestLife Outpatient Therapy Services: Helping you to manage symptoms, improve relationships, enhance self-awareness, improve overall well-being, overcome traumatic experiences, and prevent future mental health problems. 

BestLife Telehealth Therapy Services: Providing many of the same benefits of outpatient therapy services in a convenient, accessible, and effective way. 

Embrace the idea that self-care isn’t selfish - it’s essential. If you need help getting started or want to learn more about effectively incorporating self-care into your daily routine, contact BestLife. Let us help you take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.


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