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Intensive Behavioral Health Services

In-home services involve collaboration with other professionals for the purpose of coordinating services to efficiently achieve set goals. Service is a time limited, person centered approach that is offered in various environments.

Provide Stablization

At-risk youth sometimes struggle with behavioral, mental health or substance abuse problems. The goal is to stabilize the living environment in order to prevent out-of-home placement.

Access to Care

Home-based mental health services can increase access to mental health services for youth aged 5-21. Therapeutic services are performed at the youth’s home, in the community, or other less restrictive environments. Make sure to request BestLife as your provider when speaking with PerformCare (877) 652-7624

Family Involvement

Intensive in-home therapy often involves family members, allowing for greater support and understanding of the individual's mental health challenges, and improving family functioning.

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In-Home Resources

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