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What is BrainSpotting?

BrainSpotting is a powerful therapeutic technique developed by Dr. David Grand that helps individuals access, process, and release trauma, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs stored in the brain. Unlike traditional talk therapy, BrainSpotting bypasses the cognitive mind and directly accesses the brain's deeper, subconscious regions where trauma and emotions are stored.

How Does BrainSpotting Work?

During a BrainSpotting session, a trained therapist guides you through a process of focused attention, helping you identify and target specific areas of emotional distress or trauma. By using a combination of eye positioning and mindfulness techniques, BrainSpotting allows you to access the body's innate ability to heal from within.

What Can BrainSpotting Help With?

BrainSpotting has been effective in treating a wide range of mental health concerns, including:

• Trauma and PTSD

• Anxiety and panic disorders

• Depression and mood disorders

• Phobias and fears

• Performance anxiety

• Relationship issues

• Chronic pain

• Grief and loss

Why Choose BrainSpotting?

Non-verbal approach: BrainSpotting doesn't always require talking about traumatic experiences, making it suitable for individuals who struggle to verbalize their emotions or memories.

Targeted treatment:

BrainSpotting allows therapists to pinpoint and process speci c areas of distress, leading to faster and more targeted healing.


BrainSpotting empowers individuals to access their own internal resources for healing, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-awareness.

Lasting results:

Many clients report profound and lasting changes in their emotional well-being after just a few sessions of BrainSpotting.

Does Your Insurance Cover Mental Health Care?

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