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Angelina Montello


Angelina Montello

Angelina Montello is a highly qualified and experienced clinical mental health counselor and

substance abuse counselor. Her graduate program has a dual specialization in Clinical Mental

Health Counseling as well as School Counseling. Angelina is an executive committee member

of Chi Sigma Iota and the American Counseling Association. After working in the counseling

field for the past 8 years, she has expertise in treating a wide range of mental health conditions

such as anxiety, depression, ODD, ADHD, ADD, BPD I & II, and PTSD among others. She is

well known for her patience and empathetic approach, active listening skills, and her creative

and individualized methods of treatment. Additionally, she holds certifications including a CADC

and gambling specialist, and is well-trained with developmental disabilities, behavioral

interventions, mindfulness practices, and other clinical interventions, ensuring that her clients

receive the highest standard of care. Angelina has a passion for working with her community to

increase awareness of mental health needs and acting as a safe and supportive resource within

it. She is dedicated to helping clients achieve optimal mental well-being and is committed to

providing evidence-based and client-centered therapy.

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