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Jillian Bassetti, MS


Robert Frost once said “The only way out is through”, I strive to help individuals through mental health and behavioral health challenges in order for the individual to start living their Best Life.

I am a graduate of Butler University and currently have Master’s Degree in School Counseling. For the past 16 years I have dedicated my skills to helping families and children navigate through the educational system. I have provided individual as well as group counseling to students in order to assist them through difficult transitions in their life. I have experience working with individuals to overcome grief, anxiety, depression, and difficult family dynamics such as divorce and separation. I have provided support to children with ADHD and ODD as well as children with learning disabilities.


I have had the privilege of working with many children on the Autism Spectrum, where I have supported the youth and the family on managing behaviors consistent with the ASD diagnosis. I also have provided support to the LBGTQIA community and empowered individuals in suicide prevention and awareness.
I will work with you and your family to address the needs and concerns of your emotional and mental health. I believe that you have everything that you need to live a life that you love, however, sometimes people need help to shine light on the darker places. I can help you learn to shine that light on your own.

Ready to Start Living your Best Life?

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